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Welcome to Soul Center

Welcome to Soul Center, your online destination for unique and sacred metaphysical supplies. Our offerings include ceremonial grade plant medicine and energetic cleansing products for spiritual seekers. Shop now and begin your journey towards a deeper connection to the divine.

Garden Soil
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Our Approach

At Soul Center, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality rapeh for their spiritual and meditative practices.


Our products are sourced from the Amazon forest of Brazil.  Our rapeh is highly blessed and activated. 


We take pride in supporting a collaborative within reforestation and are looking forward to sharing the journey in how part of the proceeds of your purchase is turning right into beautiful new trees!

Meet Elsimar Lima

Please take the time to hit the play button to hear the interview with Elsimar

1. Tell me about yourself and your family

2. Elsimar, can you share your familial connection to the Amazon Forest?

3. What are your goals with our collaboration together?

4. What are your goals in providing sacred medicinal plants here in the United States?

5. How will our donations support your dream?

Interview with Elsimar

Meet Valerie    of
Valerie Moon Ministry

Valerie's outlook invites others to see life through a different lens, recognizing that everyone is navigating their own personal journey, laden with difficulties. She acknowledges the universal challenges we all face and understands that these diverse experiences contribute to individual paths of healing. Every facet of Valerie's life has intricately prepared her to guide others, bringing awareness and unconditional love to her clients. In her practice, there is no judgment—whether one has battled addiction, faced difficult choices, or harbors aggressive tendencies, all are embraced without condemnation. For those reading this, the acknowledgment of readiness to embark on a healing journey is celebrated as a beautiful step forward.  If you need support outside of your journey with rapeh, please feel free to check out her website 

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Shop now and discover the transformative power of our unique and sacred products for spiritual seekers.

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