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  • CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE PLANT MEDICINE:  "Clair-Vision" Parika Rapeh is an ally for upper chakra balancing.  Clair-Vision assists to awaken the pineal gland and the third eye chakra. It can induce visions in your mind’s eye by activating the third eye and extended third eye chakras during ceremony.  The ceremony opens the crown to 5th dimensional vibrations to receive messages.  Clarity comes with the intentions that are set for the journey. 


    Experience the transformative power of this sacred plant medicine sourced from the Amazon forest of Brazil. Our Sacred Plant Rapeh is carefully prepared and blessed in a sacred environment, making it a powerful ceremonial tool for grounding, clearing energy, and connecting with higher consciousness. Each batch is meticulously crafted to enhance its potency and provide a profound spiritual experience.

    "Clair-Vision" Parika Rapeh

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