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  • Goloka Arch Angel Incense is divine in both essence of smell and energy.


    Archangels can guide us within our spiritual evolution.   Each celestial being helps us in very specific ways.  They work within the Rays of the Divine that exist.  No matter what religion, they are here to support all of us alike.  We may connect differently to each angel based on our current life experience.  I have felt a strong connection to these incense for many years.  The energy when you light them is powerful.  The smell is also equally amazing.  


    • We can invoke each angel according to what we need
    • 100% Natural, no Chemicals dipping. Slow burning, up to 1 hour per stick approximately
    • Never leave incense unattended as it is a fire hazard


    Archangel Metatron:

    is the scribe and guardian of the Akashic Records.   Metatron's energy is focused, motivational, and considered one of the most powerful.  He shares Universal Knowledge with everything we have the ability to understand.  Call on Archangel Metatron for issues of attention, recordkeeping, organization,  universal knowledge.  He will aid you in releasing what no longer serves the mind body and soul.  


    Archangel Haniel:

    serves on the pink ray of joy and hope and can bring light to any situation.  His name means Grace or Joy of God.  She brings in joy and is associated with the planet Venus and the Moon.  Call on her when you are trying to tap into your inner joy, beauty, harmony, healing, moon energy, and psychic abilities. 


    Archangel Uriel:

    serves on the 6th ray, the yellow flame.  He is referred to as the Light of God and is also known as the angel of wisdom and truth. In the midst of chaos, he sheds light on God's truth.  Call on him for issues of problem solving, truth, alchemy, understanding, wisdom, weather, and escorting souls to the other side.


    Archangel Raphael:

    serves the 5th ray.  His name means God Heals.  He is a healer of all things of the mind, body, and soul to both humans and animals.  Archangel can be called on for yourself or for a loved one, although he can't interefere and help if it goes against another persons free will.  His energy is supportive, comforting, and calm.  He is called on to support travel, animals, and healing all things even addicted tendancies.  He also assists in clearing spaces of energy that does not serve you.  


    Archangel Melchizedek:

    his name means rightful king.  He is the Angel of spiritual evolution and the angel of Christ Consciousness.  He is in charge of the collective balance of energy.  Every moment down to a single rain drop is accounted for and woven together by Archangel Melchizedek.  His power is abundant in rearranging matter, fixing confusing situations, and issues of regulation.  Dive into what your strengths are and call in a situation and existence that aligns.


    Archangel Gabriel:

    his name means strength of God.  He carries a very feminine/masculine quality so the energy almost feels nonbinary.  He is seen as the messenger of God.  He is associated with communication, music, writing, peace, guidance, wisdom within.  He shares information of the future but also brings in understanding of the past so stepping into the future aligns.  He will relay messages back and forth to you from beyond.  He also watches over our children and guides us as parents.  


    Archangel Michael:

    means he who is like God.  He is a leader of angels and carries a very masculine, warrior energy.  He stands for virtues and oversees the lightworker's life purpose.  His main function outside of that is to rid the earth and the incarnates of that which is associated with fear.  His mear energy in the room can shift your own perception into being able to conquer the world.  Call on him for purpose, direction, courage, protection, clearing your space of negative energy, worthiness, and releasing spirit.  

    Goloka Arch Angel Incense

    • Not only do these incense smell divine but you can call in divine beings.  Set your intentions for angel support before lighting and feel the presence of the angels with you.  

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