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  • CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE PLANT MEDICINE:  Key to the Past Canela De Velho Rapeh connects to three different chakras to help you in your soul ascension.  The higher heart chakra which is how you connect to your mind, body, and soul within this life.  It also is a gateway to the lower heart chakra where you can access your soul’s purpose and the Akashic records of this life.  If you want to dig deeper it is also a gateway to the earth star chakra where you can access all your ancestral lineage and your entire Akashic records.  Wherever you are in your journey you have access to all the knowledge you need to understand your lessons, soul mission, and ancestors.  


    Experience the transformative power of this sacred plant medicine sourced from the Amazon forest of Brazil. Our Sacred Plant Rapeh is carefully prepared and blessed in a sacred environment, making it a powerful ceremonial tool for grounding, clearing energy, and connecting with higher consciousness. Each batch is meticulously crafted to enhance its potency and provide a profound spiritual experience.

    Key to the Past Canela De Velho Rapeh

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