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  • CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE PLANT MEDICINE:  "Kundalini Rising" Sananga Rapeh brings in the sacred healing snake of ascension.  This snake releases what no longer serves us as we are shedding the old version of ourselves.  The spirit of this rapé carries a 5th dimensional energy rather than the middle world of most rapé that exists.  This is because the Kundalini energy is created by source.  The prayers in creating this blend calls for ascension and all of the support that it has to offer us.  This energy shares beautiful knowledge, understanding, and what we need to shift into our soul purpose.  Many times our subconscious mind gets in the way of what we are blocking for our healing and the support to see through this is beautiful.  A connection from root to crown is brought in for alignment as balance from above and below is needed for healing.


    Experience the transformative power of this sacred plant medicine sourced from the Amazon forest of Brazil. Our Sacred Plant Rapeh is carefully prepared and blessed in a sacred environment, making it a powerful ceremonial tool for grounding, clearing energy, and connecting with higher consciousness. Each batch is meticulously crafted to enhance its potency and provide a profound spiritual experience.

    "Kundalini Rising" Sananga Rapeh

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