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  • Palo Santo 5 Sticks


    Many people love the smell of Palo Santo.  It has a purifying effect on the body, mind, and spirit.  This is because of the limonene which has anti-stress/anxiety properties.  Within the history of Shamanism in South America Palo Santo also known as the “Holy Wood” has been used to clear negativity in your energetic field as well as your home.  It’s intentions have been handed down from countless generations by indigenous cultures medicinally and within ceremony.  Valerie Moon uses Palo Santo as part of her clearing ritual prior to starting ceremony.

    Palo Santo

    • All Palo Santo is purchased from California.  This small company supports the conservation and reforestation of Palo Santo.  Building an extensive global network of ethically conscious Palo Santo supply chains directly at the source.

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