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When you are starting to become familiar with the pendulum and truly feeling the energy around you, it can be really helpful to have a pendulum mat.  Sometimes giving your conscious mind something to focus on can allow the subconscious to step into answering your questions. 


This mat has a lot of detail including letters, days, numbers, yes, no, maybe, astrological signs, even the moon phases.  This can be very helpful in receiving insight on the questions you are asking.  If you look up the moon phases you can even see what types of challenges you are facing within the questions.  



What is a PENDULUM? The pendulum will pick up and absorb the energies that surround you, giving you access to the Universe's collective consciousness. Your pendulum is simply a tool for amplifying responses so that you can more easily perceive your true path by connecting to the unconscious mind. When we pose a question, our subconscious mind and the energies surrounding us respond by influencing the nerve endings in our fingertips, which causes the pendulum to swing. To put it another way, our bodies express our inner and universal wisdom. Our pendulums can steer us in the correct path when seeking guidance and truth by responding to spiritual energies, vibrations in the air and earth, and tapping into our inner selves.

Pendulum Mat

  • Pendulum Mat for dowsing.  This mat has an amazing amount of communication options with spirit.  Please remember to communicate safely! 

    Always ask 3 times if the being you are trying to communicate with is there for you best and highest good!  

    12 inches velour feel


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