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  • For detailed description of sage use or to purchase plain sage please exit this product and scroll to the bottom of the page.  All sage sticks are 4 inch wands with White Sage.  All smudging sticks can be used with specific intentions to amplify your shamanic journeys or for specific intentions within your body and sacred space.  Please read below for product information of each stick.


    7 Chakra Sage Bundle: Use this sage bundle with intentions of clearing your space or chakras of energy causing negative energetic disturbances or for a clearing/healing ceremony during a shamanic journey or energy healing.  The petals are dyed rose petals.  Each color is connected to one of our 7 chakras, the lower vibrational energy shall release as the brightly colored petals burn.   


    Mugwort Sage Bundle: Mugwort is known for enhancing dreaming, visions, and protection.  It is also strongly connected to the Moon.  Use this sage during moon ceremonies, shamanic journeys to enhance vision, or overall clearing and protection of your space.  It is known to ward off evil with intentions.


    Dragons Blood Sage Bundle:  Dragons Blood resin is associated with Magic, bringing in potency for intentional work, and protection.  It is also connected to luck, love, purification, and courage.  This is recommended for manifesting intentions and activating your plant medicines or flower essences.  This is also used for  clearing your space.  


    Juniper Sage Bundle: Juniper smudge carries the natural ability to purify your space, attract positive influences, and repel negative energy. Juniper is utilized for its therapeutic powers and is thought to protect against evil spirits and ailments.  


    Eucalyptus Sage Bundle: Eucalyptus is a high vibe smudging tool that is used for clearing, energizing, and focus.  This awakens the spirit with intentions.  This is when people are directing negativity towards you or protection magic.


    Cinnamon Sage Bundle: This has a soothing effect on you.  Cinnamon dispels negativity as well as keeping your space protected when used with intentions.  Not all herbs and flowers bring in a protective nature.  Cinnamon is known for its connection to love, luck, and spirituality. 


    Rose Sage Bundle: Rose is known to bring in love, happiness, and new beginnings.  Bring in the positivity and love within as you set intentions to clear your space with this bundle.  This is also a beautiful bundle to use during ceremonies of forgivness, self love, womb healing, bringing in love and divine compassion. 


    Triple Flower Bundle: This is a mix of Blue Lupines, White Dandelions, and Red Perennials.  Blue Lupines symbolise happiness, positivity, and new opportunities.  White Dandelions aids in innocense, youth, and healing.  If you are working with me within journeys to connect with the inner child, USE THIS BUNDLE with intentions!  


    Lavender Bundle:  This is a great meditative bundle as Lavender has a very calming, harmonious, peaceful effect on us.  Lavender is also associated with the crown chakra because of it's bright purple color.  The crown chakra is how we connect to our spirit team.  This can be a beautiful addition to clearing and creating a sacred space. 

    Sacred Sage Bundles

    • 4 inch sage sticks with assorted herbs and flowers to be used with intentions during shamanic journey, ceremony, rituals, meditation, space clearing, or protection.  Read individual descriptions to see what your intuitvely drawn to.

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