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  • CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE PLANT MEDICINE: "Self Actualization" Pixuri Rapeh clears energy that is not in the best and highest good from both the aura and chakra system.  Bringing in cleansing specifically to the throat and third eye chakra which aligns transition, insight, peace, faith, and being authentic to yourself.  Being authentic to self is one of the most important aspects of shifting spiritually.  Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and triggers brings in the ability to shift into your soul’s purpose.  Cleanse, receive clarity, shift into what is ready to come in for you within the ceremony. 


    Experience the transformative power of this sacred plant medicine sourced from the Amazon forest of Brazil. Our Sacred Plant Rapeh is carefully prepared and blessed in a sacred environment, making it a powerful ceremonial tool for grounding, clearing energy, and connecting with higher consciousness. Each batch is meticulously crafted to enhance its potency and provide a profound spiritual experience.

    "Self Actualization" Pixuri Rapeh

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