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  • This kit includes one abalone shell, one natural wood stand, 3 palo santo sticks, and 1 mini sage.  This Smudge Kit is a great starter kit for those clearing energy for themselves personally, in their homes, or for objects.  For detailed information on each item click on the individual image of each item listed on the previous page. The 5-6 inch shell is a perfect larger size abalone shell.  Each shell and wooden stand is unique as they are natural elements.


    Traditionally, we are taught to burn clearing plants and herbs in natural holders.  Place your sage, palo santo, or other herbs in to clear yourself or your sacred space.  Spiritually, the abalone shell is considered a gift from the ocean which represents the element of water, your smudging herbs represent mother earth, when you light your herbs you are bringing in the element of fire, and your smoke represents the element of air.  Balance of the four elements is very symbolic.  Each shell is unique and does not look the same as they come from the ocean.

    Smudge Kit

    • Beautifully inside polished abalone shell.  Please note every shell is different as they are naturally sourced. 5-6 inches in size, all sizes vary. Includes natural colored stand.  Includes Palo Santo.  Includes Sage.

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