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    Origin of the Yoni Egg:


    Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning Sacred Space.  Since ancient times many cultures have known the Yoni to bestow life, creativity, and love to the womb and sacral chakra.  This practice has been used for over 5,000 years.


    These semi precious stones are inserted into the vagina to strengthen and tone the vagina and pelvic floor muscles to improve the chi for awakening and cultivating sexual energy. Sexual energy is the creative life force energy. Sexual energy and Spiritual energy are one in the same. As one cultivates their sexual energy it opens up their chakras allowing balance throughout the body. 


    Stone options:


    Black Obsidian an extremely powerful stone that cleanses negativity.  It is like a psychic vacuum cleaner that cleanses disharmony, negative attachments, one's own anger/greed/fear/resentment/shame, and yuck energy from others. This is a very grounding stone but also brings in a strong spirit connection.  If you are looking to heal and release from the womb the Obsidian stone would be a great support to you.  This stone carries a more masculine energy that feels very much action based.  

    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love.  Whether you are focusing on love of self or love of a partner this stone will harness the energy of Divine Love.  When you experience divine love you can release the boundaries, isolation, pain, mistrust that is held within.  This stone will disolve anger, resentment, fear, suspicion, and will bring in the rebirth of harmony and faith by reuniting with the Divine.  This is an emotional healing and a stress reliever.  This stone carrys a very feminine quality to it that is gently.  


    Benefits of using the Yoni Eggs:

    • Increase libido and awaken your sensuality
    • Emotional balancing
    • Helps remove trauma stored in the womb
    • Massages the reflexology points in the vaginal walls
    • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles to help with incontinence and prevent prolapse in the future
    • Tightens and tones the vaginal wall
    • Control vaginal muscle manipulation, enhancing sexual pleasure for your and your partner


    How to use and care for the Yoni Egg:


    Prior to using the yoni egg for the first clean your eggs to make sure they are free from any chemicals or bacteria from traveling to you.


    How to: Insert a Yoni Egg 10 minutes and up 2x a day for best results.  Do not leave in for longer than 20 minutes at a time.  You can change sizes as you strengthen the muscles.  This can be used at any point during the day whether you are watching tv, working, or exercising.  Just insert and hold.  


    Cleaning: Clean with warm water and soap or salt water after each use.  

    Yoni Eggs

    • All stones have been cleared and activated prior to shipping out.  Natural stones vary in color.

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