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What is rapeh?
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There are many different ways to spell rapé: hapé or rapeh, although, it is all the same plant medicine.  The names of the rapé I offer consists of two parts.  After connecting deeply with the spirit of the plant and feeling the energy a name is channeled based on the spiritual properties.  The second part of the name is either the main plant or tribe that creates it. 
Our rapé is sourced from those that are indigenous of the Amazon Forest of Brazil.  Rapé is a plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years.  The people of the land that create these blends forage for plants that are native to their home.  There are a variety of ingredients such as seeds, leaves, or bark but the full list of what is in rapé is not disclosed as it is a sacred experience even to bring it into fruition.  Creating rapé is a sacred process.  For this reason many rapé blends are unique to each tribe.  The plants are mixed and oftentimes prayed over by Shaman or healers during this process.  The rapé provided by Valerie Moon Ministry is highly activated and blessed.
Oftentimes rapé is administered by a shaman, through a pipe called a tepi.  The Shaman takes a small amount of the rapé, places it in the applicator, and then blows the rapé through the tepi into the nose of the other person, when the ceremony is complete the rapé is then blown out of the nose into a tissue.  Rapé is known to bring the person receiving it right into a deep, meditative state.  In modern times many use a special applicator called a kuripe.  This is a self-applicator that allows those that wish to connect with the plant medicine alone to have the ability to do that.  Using this plant with a Shaman comes with many benefits of connection with divine source as well as healing.
Many people travel to Brazil and other countries to experience this first hand.  Soul Center offers workshops that are spiritually guided.  These workshops go over information to learn how to respect ceremony, how to heal in ceremony, and showing gratitude.   This workshop is meant for any level of spirituality.  It is important to understand how to fully honor the connection of the spirit of the rapé plant.  It is highly looked down upon in all cultures to ingest rapé in a recreational manner.  There is a beautiful purpose and support that this plant has to offer and it is important to understand this.
The tribes members in which I’ve communicated with have expressed wanting to share rapé with the modern world.  They want it accessible because they feel as though our world needs healing, compassion, love, as we are all shifting into our own ascension.  As we work together and make a conscious choice to acquire rapé from the tribes members we are honoring them and their culture.  We are honoring the amazon forest knowing that what is taken is also replenished and done with great care and respect for Mother Nature.  
By purchasing rapé you understand that you are purchasing part of indigenous history as part of your cultural understanding and research.  All information shared on this site is for spiritual knowledge only.
When we do acquire our rapé from the tribes of Brazil there are very strict ways in which it is sent to us.  We acquire this as incense powder and this is how we also recommend it is used.

Rapeh can be used to make an offering to a sacred ceremonial fire.
Rapeh can be used to make an offering to Mother Earth.

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